Medical Marijuana THC

Our wide assortment of Cannabis Buds, Cartridge Vapes, Edibles, Dabs, and Topicals will give you the choices you want and the healing you need. Find out what The Green Reef can do for you and your health.


Only the best buds make it, we have Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids packed and ready for you to take home.


High quality, smooth cannabis vape cartridges made ready to enjoy.


Delicious THC medicated treats guaranteed to please the senses.


The cleanest, most pure marijuana extracts made into wax, resins, and shatters.


Scintillating THC infused lubricants, THC roll-ons, salves and balms.

Holistic Hemp CBD

Holistic Hemp is an all-natural CBD product made from organically grown hemp plants. This non-psychoactive CBD is manufactured in a cGMP Grade-A facility and is tested by us and a third party to ensure dosage accuracy and for the absence of any harmful compounds. Taken daily, it’s been known to help with sleeplessness, Reduce stress, as an anti-inflammatory, and help reduce certain types of pain. We offer a selection of Holistic Hemp CBD.

Holistic Hemp tincture

This all natural tincture formula is made from organically grown hemp and is an effective way to get your daily dose of CBD. Made with a blend of CBD and natural MCT oil to ensure the highest bioavailability. Hold under the tongue for 1-2 minutes then swallow.

Full-spectrum sleep tinctures

Our original formula with added melatonin to help maintain a health sleep schedule, use right before bedtime. Sleep is important, let the sleep tincture help you get there.

Soft gels

A simple gel capsule made to be a tasteless alternative to the tincture oil. Use one capsule daily for maximum effectiveness.

Full-spectrum cooling balm

Active cooling action with peppermint and menthol, rapidly soothes sore joints and muscles. Rub on and melt the pain away.

CBD gummies

Delicious CBD gummies to make your daily serving something to look forward to. So good, you won’t be able to resist.

CBD honey lotion

Lavish organic honey lotion, infused with CBD made to help revitalise dry or irritated skin.


Glass, grinders, gadgets, and apparel. The Green Reef will help you get the most out of medicinal cannabis, we offer a wide selection of accessories. Our selection will help you maximise your medical marijuana and make sure you get the help you want and expect.


Pipes, water pipes, and bud containers

Grinders n’ Gadgets

Grinders, cleaners, dab sticks, and vape gear


Be your finesse with Green Reef swag

About Us

At The Green Reef, we enjoy keeping our clients in happy health and wellness. We have many alternatives for your medicinal cannabis needs and knowledgeable cannabis experts to answer any questions you have. Our business is to supply you with the finest and cleanest medical marijuana and Holistic Hemp CBD in Durant, OK.

Our dispensary was established on February 1st, 2019 in Durant, Oklahoma. We’ve made our home here in Durant, located at 1524 W Evergreen Street and since then we have earned the trust of more than 1200 new clients. Our business is to help our clients with all medical marijuana needs, so we also offer assistance with Oklahoma state medical marijuana card applications at no cost, only pay the state application fee.

Check out our daily specials here. For cash purchases, we have an ATM available for your convenience. Also, don’t forget to visit our Facebook for fun medical marijuana facts and education.

All clients must have their Oklahoma Medical Marijuana card and a valid Oklahoma state ID to purchase Medical Marijuana products. No medical marijuana card is needed for adults 18 and older for CBD products.

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